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30 Second Poem Challenge

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

As the title describes, today I will be attempting to write a poem in no more than 30 seconds. I have never done something like this before, however the challenge of writing a novel in a month is how I wrote Running to Willow. I admit, I am a really slow writer though so... Here goes nothing.

Note: I will NOT be fixing grammar errors, no turning back.

Roses of yellow and peaches of orange

How do thy sunflowers fill with the yellow

Like the sun and its rays

The cotton candy and its pink

The dogs and their bones

Ok... First impressions:

1. I am really random and weird

2. This is a really fun and it is a great creative exercise for authors

Because this was so enjoyable, I decided to do it once more and try to amp up my game.

A camera pointing at a beautiful daisy

Its petals a wondrous yellow

The center, so white like a brides maids veil

Reflecting the sun's shadow

This one was a little better but why am I so obsessed with flowers?

Anyway, I definitely recommend this and I might do it again. It is really good for self reflection and just silly writing!

Picture credits: Old Farmer's Almanac


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