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A Peek at My Writing; Dreams, a Poem

Hi once again! It's E. Vail... Once again... So, if you have been following me and my search of what kind of posts should fill my first “blog post collection” you would know this week's post will contain a writing piece by me. If you did not know this, it's ok, you know now. The writing piece I chose to display in this post is one I wrote a while back about how weird it is that dreams feel so real, especially the horrifying ones (just a note, this blog post will probably be pretty short because the writing piece in this post is a poem). Being completely honest this poem gives me a Billie Eilish vibe. I think this is partially because of her song “Bury a Friend” because that song literally says “when we all fall asleep, where do we go?” (just had to say, such a cool lyric) but I also think I get that feeling from this poem because it rhymes while being morbid just like her songs (I promise I wrote this before I knew who Billie Eilish was). Ok, so here’s the poem:


A world of wonder

A fault with every mark

Then there's that one day

A lash of dark

Like a skip of gray

A streak that’s deep

Where no one dares to make a peep

Monsters creep

Making us want to leap

But we stay,

And we lay

Waiting for the joy

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for each other 

Waiting for everyone

We stay still

Out of fear

Yet our hearts raced

Chasing each other but we were encased

Black surrounding us 

Pulling away from the light

Who will save us, who will know

And no one came 

Cause it wasn't the same

Like it never seems

Cause that's only in dreams

That’s it! For each writing piece I post I think it would be good to also pair an image with it, so the one for today is down below. Let me know if you liked that and I will write you guys next week:).


Picture creds: Deviantart.com

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