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Book Bento Guess Who Times Two

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Hey peeps! So, assuming you read the title, clearly this blog post is another book bento guess who but for two books! I am taking about two books for this one blog post because one, I need to catch up on the blog posts I didn't write over the last few weeks (I decided it would be best to write a two-in-one post) and two, these books (hint) kind of come in a set since they were published at the same time by the same author. These books are not very well known books but hopefully if you are reading this blog you can guess what they are correctly. So, here is the list of what I would include in a book bento of the first of the two books:

1. A toy van

2. A toy piano

3. A watch

4. A picture of the Facebook logo

5. A toy breakfast food set

6. Fake money

7. A grave

8. A Trix cereal box

9. A music sheet labeled “Castle In My Dreams”

10. A mini fake diamond necklace

And here is what I would include in the book bento for the second book:

1. A paintbrush

2. A pill bottle

3. A mini bottle of wine 4. A fake gun 5. A cell phone 6. Handcuffs

7. A baby doll

8. A gavel

9. An assortment of small, fake food

10. Applesauce

11. A Dunkin Donuts coffee cup Thank you so much for reading! I think I gave you enough hints this time for this book bento guess who and putting in a portion of each cover for this blog post would give it away. If you need that extra hint though, please comment down below and I can insert bits of each cover to help you guess asap. Until next time on Evailwrites!


Picture creds: slusny.net

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