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Book Review: Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Hey evailwritesers! Ugh I hated writing every letter in that sentence with a burning passion. No offense to people who do things like that, it just isn't my thing... So, let's try this again. Hey guys! What's up? Here's another weekly blog intro (as you can tell); I'm going to start off by adding comments to the “picking-out-a-new-template” idea I explained in “So I Tried a Vlog Blog”. So I’m sticking with that plan but adjusting it a little. When I wrote that I wasn’t 100% sure about anything I was saying so I’m also going to clarify. I have decided that whichever blog post in this competition thing gets the most likes and views will have its own blog post collection of at least 20 posts. It will be the first collection on the evailwrites site! The different templates will be the vlog blog (just talking about my thoughts, what I’m doing/my author experience and writing tips), book reviews (that is what this one is, that pretty much speaks for itself), author descriptions, writing events and programs and pieces of my writing. I will then create different collection name ideas depending on which template/topic “wins” and put them on my Instagram (@evailwrites) story for my followers to vote on. Now, onto the book review (I also post book reviews including this one on my Instagram so you can go check that out in the link above); I recently read a book called “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple. I had never heard of it before or the author but I ended up talking to some of my friends and they recommended it. The whole reason I picked it up is because I forgot my book to bring to the beach and there was a portable library (my books are now in this portable library and the details are on my Instagram (you know where the link is)) there so I picked it up. It is in the mature genre but not because of explicit content or anything... The worst there is is basically a couple of f bombs. First impression: 90% of the book is in letters and emails but I kind of loved this because you have to piece everything together. The whole book is unique, I have never read anything like this book and I don’t think I ever will. Maria Semple is a genius with description and realisticness is all I have to say. I mean cudos to her... She thought of EVERYTHING in this book content wise. Here’s a quick no-spoiler summary (this is basically the real summary reworded): Bernadette is a quirky mom and a best friend to her daughter; mastermind gone rogue to her husband; a genius to all architects and to the private-school-Seattle-Moms she’s a disgrace to the community she apparently doesn’t believe in. Escaping from the place where her life’s work was destroyed, Los Angeles, she doesn’t try to fit in in Seattle. Not motivated to be the inventive architect she once was she struggles to find much meaning to her life except from her daughter. She ends up spending her days avoiding contact with society through an online assistant and disgracing the city she lives in. With Bernadette and her secretive, suspicious ways she starts to cause concern for her husband which changes her and her family’s life forever. Definitely go check out “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple; I highly recommend it. That's just about it for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed!


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