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Books; A Photo Shoot... Harry Potter Style

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hey guys! So you can probably tell the book nooks won from the title. Thanks to the responses from my Instagram and Facebook followers the name of this collection is called “Books; A Photo Shoot” and I have this post already sorted into that category. I am really excited for this collection and I feel it will be really enjoyable and fun. I actually talked about this book nook in last week's post... I recently did a Harry Potter book nook that I am really excited to share. This description about the book nook isn't going to be as in-depth as the last one because I want to make it spoiler-free to encourage more people to read HP. So, in the pictures/videos below you can see:

~A good stack of books in the background to represent Hermione's love of reading

~An owl pillow to represent Hedwig

~A purple blanket to represent the invisibility cloak

~A pillow for decoration on the Hogwarts's beds

~A fur coat to represent Hagrid's big coat

~Glasses on top of a red cloth in a blue case for Harry's glasses

~A purple clutch for Ravenclaw

~A Hufflepuff magnet inside the Ravenclaw purse

~A golden notebook to hold notes from the various classes

~A Harry Potter wind-up box that plays the HP theme song

~A large beer mug for butterbeer

~An old, red brush for Hermione's hair

~A pink pen to represent quills used at Hogwarts

~A velvet bookmark half under the stack of books below the wand

~A wand draped over the black spell bag

~A black spell bag to hold the necessities

~A red case full of literature to represent spell books

~Rocks, jewels and crystal balls on the right of the table for divination with Professor Trelawney

~An old-fashioned wooden. hanger for robes

~To the right of that is an actual Hufflepuff robe (yeah Puffs!)

~A Gryffindor sweatshirt in red to the right of that

~Then a red frilly dress for Gryffindor

~Then a gray Hogwarts shirt for school spirit

~A green Slytherin skirt for the Goblet of Fire dance

~A blue-ish turquoise dress for Ravenclaw for the Goblet of Fire dance

~Boots, Uggs, flats and fuzzy slippers for shoes that are typically worn at Hogwarts

I just want to note for you guys, I know they don't actually wear Uggs at Hogwarts in the movies or books; this is all just as good as I could get it. This was really fun for me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, like it if you did. Until next week's book bento;).

-E. Vail

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