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Books; A Photo Shoot, This Time for TKAM

Hi again! So, I'm pretty excited about this new collection for Evailwrites and I just thought of something to add to it. It became evident to me after the last two book bentos that if I wanted to keep this collection up then it was going to become expensive. So, although I may do more book bentos of my own, since no websites that I know of actually write about book bentos/book nooks I figured I could write about book bentos other people created. That is exactly what I am doing today. I am taking what I think is a legendary book bento and explaining it. I am sorry in advance about the spoilers, I think for these specific posts there is no way to avoid them to a certain extent. As you can see from the pictures below, the items featured include a pair of glasses, a stone turtle, an old clock, Wrigley’s gum, white Camelia flowers, a chocolate cake with a cherry on top, a plastic bottle of Cola in a brown bag and the actual To Kill a Mockingbird (by Harper Lee) book itself in the center. The bulleted list worked pretty well last time, so I think I’ll just do that again:

~The pair of glasses are supposed to be Atticus’s and represent his point of view throughout the story. "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view -—until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” (Lee 33).

~The stone turtle symbolizes Boo Radley because of the quote said by Jem early on in the book. Jem basically says in order to get people out of certain situations you have to motivate them with some form of danger. "' Dill, you have to think about these things,' Jem said. ‘Lemme think a minute ... it's sort of like making a turtle come out ...' 'How's that?' asked Dill. 'Strike a match under him'" (Lee 15).

~The old clock and the Wrigley’s gum each have their own separate meanings. The clock and the gum are both meant to be two of the items Boo Radley leaves for Jem and Scout in the knot hole in the tree. You can infer from the book that Harper Lee has Boo give them these in order to symbolize how quick time goes by. "My first impulse was to get it into my mouth as quickly as possible, but I remembered where I was. I ran home, and on our front porch I examined my loot. The gum looked fresh. I sniffed it and it smelled all right. I licked it and waited for a while. When I did not die I crammed it into my mouth: Wrigley's Double-Mint” (Lee 37).

~The white Camelia flowers are meant to be the flowers mean Ms. Dubose gave to Jem as an act of kindness while on her death bed. "Jem opened the box. Inside, surrounded by wads of damp cotton, was a white, waxy, perfect camellia. It was a Snow-on-the-Mountain" (Lee 128).

~The chocolate cake with a cherry on top represents Jem growing older by no longer having a “little cake” from Miss Maudie. "There was a big cake and two little ones on Miss Maudie's kitchen table. There should have been three little ones. It was not like Miss Maudie to forget Dill, we must have shown it. But we understood when she cut from the big cake and gave the slice to Jem" (Lee 245).

~The plastic bottle of Coke in a brown bag represents character Dolphus Raymond hiding his true beliefs by convincing everyone he is unable to make good decisions because he is a drunk (when really he just always drinks Cola). "I tried to give 'em a reason, you see. It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason... folks can say Dolphus Raymond's in the clutches of whiskey--that's why he won't change his ways... that's why he lives the way he does" (Lee 228).

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and let me know if you liked the addition of quotes!

-E. Vail:)

Picture credits: thinglink.com

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