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Brief Interviews With My Twitter Followers

Updated: Mar 1

Long time no see, literally... Again. How are you guys? I have good and bad news, I like being told the bad news first so that is what I will tell you guys first. As you may have figured out on your own, I have been struggling to get blog posts done with all of my schoolwork. School gets really crazy before and after the holidays especially with midterms, so I’m going to have to take a break from writing blog posts until the first full week of February (*sniffs*). This makes me (*holds back tears*) very upset but I have to drop something during this stressful time to keep myself sane. However, there is also good news! During the past weeks when I have not blogged, I have planned for this blog post which will transition into our next Evailwrites collection that I thought of! This collection is titled “Brief Interviews With My Twitter Followers” (shortened to BIWMTF) and each blog post analyzes my Twitter followers’ responses to questions I asked them through polls or questions on Twitter. Each blog post will also include my answer to the poll/question I put up on Twitter with an occasional shoutout to a Twitter follower who commented a specific answer to the question on Twitter. I am hoping to do this collection again in the future when I hopefully will have more followers on Twitter. This one blog post will focus on eight different polls I posted to make up for missing eight weeks of blog posts (that includes the ones I will miss in the future until the first week of February). Here is the first poll question I asked: What do you like to drink while writing?

There were two votes, one for tea and one for anything caffeinated. I personally only like fraps and mochas so I would prefer to drink tea while writing. I love herbal tea, chamomile tea and (although it sounds crazy) birthday cake tea from David’s Tea.

2: What music do you like to listen to while writing?

There were seven votes for this poll, three for an option that was not mentioned (Karen Waygood for example mentioned liking to listen to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue album while writing), two for pop, one for no music while writing and one for classical music. For me, the music I like to listen to while writing depends on the day. Some days I can jam out to pop while writing, some days I cannot concentrate with music on, but most days classical is the way to go for me.

3: How do you like to plan out your writing pieces?

For this poll we only got one vote for the ‘other’ option, but the anonymous person who voted for other did not specify their method they normally use to plan out a story. Although I believe I have mentioned my method before, I typically create a plot arch for my stories after researching (if it is necessary) and writing down EVERYTHING that pops into my mind about the story I want to create (I am talking writing down everything from the MC’s dogs’s name to what the climax will be, NOTHING is unimportant or irrelevant for me when I am writing down everything I know about my story).

4: What genre do you like to write the most?

There were three votes for this pole, all for the fantasy/dystopian option. For me I agree with our voters but I also love writing realistic fiction although I have not published a book in that genre yet (... I am working on that:)).

5: What genre do you like to read the most?

Once again, the fantasy/dystopian option won with two votes. For this one, my answer is once again fantasy/dystopian and realistic fiction.

6: Have you written a book?

The one person who answered to this tweet said yes; I have written two books myself.

7: When did you fall in love with writing?

I was happy with how many people responded to this question. One person said they fell in love with writing when they were born, eight people said when they were a kid/teen and then one person said when they were twenty-to-fifty-years-old. I fell in love with writing when I was in first grade as a kid/teen. I remember very vividly how passionate I was about the unit we had surrounding illustrating and writing our own books which I had never done before. For this poll, Maryann Miller kindly shared her story by commenting, “I was about ten when I started writing stories. Loved to read and one day thought it would be fun to write stories. Also told stories to my sister at night. Always told scary stories. LOL.”

8: When did you start writing as a hobby?

My Twitter followers responded to this by saying they mostly (with two votes) started to write as a hobby from ten-twenty years of age while one person started writing as a hobby from five-ten years of age. I started writing as a hobby past ten-years-old myself.

Thank you so much for reading! I will miss you guys! Please comment if you have ideas as to what questions I should ask my followers in the future.

Happy holidays!

-E. :)


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