• E. Vail

Brief Interviews With My Twitter Followers Part Four

Hi there! Here is your weekly dose of BIWMTF:). This week will be about a Tweet I posted on January 11th this year. I asked my followers if they incorporate their fears into their stories. In writing, especially professionally, so much of the content is about what the readers want but I think to some extent the book should please the author too. This is why I think so many books incorporate the author’s fears in them; to make the book more relatable/pleasing to the author. I do incorporate my fears into my books because I feel like it makes me enjoy writing those books more; in a way I am writing about myself. My Twitter followers agreed with me. Jswiacik responded, “I believe so, both consciously and unconsciously.” J. D. Weidenkeller also responded by saying, “Yes! I give them to characters.” That’s it for this week’s post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!


Picture creds: Weebly


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