• E. Vail

Brief Interviews With My Twitter Followers Part Three

For this week’s post, I am pulling a Tweet from a bit ago about wordy books and analyzing that. There is no shoutout to a specific Twitter follower for this blog post though. I asked if my followers like wordy books in the Tweet I found; 67% of the voters said no and 33% said yes. I am honestly not surprised by those ratings because (in my opinion) wordiness can distract the reader from the plot line, even if it is a good one, and that can make the story less enjoyable. I feel like wordiness is a common weakness for writers though, especially for me. I often go overboard with descriptions or using fancy words in my stories instead of getting straight to the point when it is needed. The main thing I do to take out wordiness from my stories is to go back and rewrite where it’s needed. Speaking of wordiness, I’m gonna leave this blog post short and sweet. I hope this was helpful to anyone who also struggles with wordiness in their writing.


Pic creds: Scribendi


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