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Brief Interviews With My Twitter Followers Part Two

Updated: Mar 1

Hello! For the second blog post this week (check out the first blog post for this week if you haven't already, this will catch you guys up) I will be resuming the BIWMTF collection. For the question for my Twitter followers this week I asked what they use to write. I use my computer but I didn't get a great writing computer until this year so I actually wrote most of my second novel on my phone. I realize a lot of others have to write on their phones or less efficient writing devices like notebooks so I wish you all will get your writing device of preference soon. For my experience with my phone, I found it very frustrating and hard and I only had to do that for one of my books so I can definitely empathize with those who have to do that all of the time. When I asked my Twitter followers this question, I was thinking that the answers would be computer, phone, iPad or notebook but author Lauren Leach-Steffens surprised me. She responded by saying, "Computer, unless I'm chasing down an idea, then I free-write on paper (preferably black paper with gel pens)." Since I have never done this before, I never thought about other writers jotting down their thoughts in more artistic ways like the one Lauren Leach-Steffens suggested. Just to show you what this gel pen look looks like, I'll insert an image here:

Picture credits to aliexpress.com

In order to find more artistic ways writers write, I did a quick web search and found some authors start out by writing calligraphy, using a stylus on an iPad or drawing out how they imagine their characters to be. Let me know if you do any of these things or some other artistic way of writing that you would like to share. Thanks for reading!



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