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Cover Struggles?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Recently I discovered how difficult it is to create a fitting cover without a professional to help you... So to help anyone else who is struggling with this out I decided to dedicate a blog post to this certain subject. After you have created your cover and figured out the dimensions for your book (there are really easy programs for this on Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble) I found it was easiest to convert your cover to fit those dimensions on Google Drive (specifically Google Drawings). In order to do this:

- press File in the top left corner

-scroll down then click on page setup

-press the drop down menu then custom

-adjust the measurement settings (in your selected measurement) to the size your cover is supposed to be (the cover is typically 0.125x0.5 inches bigger than the size of each page in your book)

-another tip is to leave a little bit of room between your cover and the edge where you can add a neutral color background just in case there is a manufacturing fault

Thank you and I hope this was helpful to anyone who was struggling to publish their cover.


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