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Fifteen Videos That I Guarantee Will Brighten Your Day

Hello! I know we are all a little glum right now despite the fact that I attempted to boost everyone’s positivity with my last post, so I gathered fifteen videos to brighten your days. This idea originated when my dad showed me a video of a girl crying once she got a kitten after she lost her cat. This video made my dad very happy, so much so that it makes him cry every time I play it (this video is the first of the fifteen below). Seeing my dad and this girl so happy made me happy even though not seeing friends has been hard lately, so I decided that I would try to find more videos like this that made me generally happier for you guys to also watch. The list is below.

  1. Little Girl Cries with Gratitude Over Getting a Kitten After Loosing Her Last Cat https://youtu.be/bAVFFg9tDtc

  2. Cat Thinks They Can Fly https://youtu.be/Awf45u6zrP0

  3. Smooth Criminal Cats Go on Their Hind Legs https://youtu.be/Iv0EXmsQRo0

  4. Bull Terrier Thinks They Can Fly https://youtu.be/3emXNVXv-ng

  5. Husky Dog Sings Gwen Stefani https://youtu.be/whgvjhzpyGg

  6. Husky Won’t Let Their Owner Go to School https://youtu.be/a0tDZU6vpkY

  7. Husky Says No to the Kennel https://youtu.be/k42S2-W9C90

  8. Ready, Aim, Meow! https://youtu.be/lq2TG_hcpiY

  9. Squirrel Flies Out of a Trash Can https://youtu.be/KkMMEA0na7M

  10. Stag Demonstrates What Pure Confidence is https://youtu.be/ugpDiFYMV2w

  11. You Would Have Never Thought; A Man-Shark Friendship https://youtu.be/BVaTvR9796I

  12. A Lion Who Remembered His Life-Savers https://youtu.be/rqhJuwUukX8

  13. A Soldier Comes Home and Reunites at the End of a Relay Race Finish Line https://youtu.be/w3H7qwwYc3

  14. A Soccer Player’s Opponents Help Her Fix Her Hijab During a Soccer Game https://youtu.be/wpKjSQ2StSI

  15. Dogs Reunite With Their Owners https://youtu.be/eK06Y3wLaDI

I hope these videos made you guys laugh, cry or smile (which (fun fact) is scientifically proven to release endorphins that boost your mood)!

Healthy happy thoughts!


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