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Get to Know the Author of The Help: Kathryn Stockett

Hello again! I know I'm late, I'm really sorry. You already know the excuse... “I’ve been so busy lately, you have no idea!” But it’s true but that also doesn’t mean I put you guys on hold. I’ll try my best to never be late again. So, now that I am done with the little rant I’ll start with what you most likely came here for (I’m guessing you clicked on this article to learn about Kathryn Stockett). Kathryn Stockett has written one of my favorite books of all time, a debut novel, the idea of a movie and a 2009 writing masterpiece (did I mention it took her five years to write?)... The Help. The Help is about dark skinned maids and their work in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s. It displays so many great messages through the connections between the kids and their maids and the parents and their maids. Thanks to Kathryn Stockett’s brilliance displayed in her writing, this book also shows a realistic picture of the 1960s and the environment then. Now on to Kathryn Stockett’s personal life. 50-year-old Kathryn Stockett was born in Jackson, Mississippi (similar to the book) and graduated from the University of Alabama with the intent to become a writer. Similar to the character Skeeter in The Help, Stockett moved to New York from Jackson and (unlike the character) worked for a magazine for 16 years before writing her all-around-amazing novel. Stockett, like many children in The Help was very close with an African-American maid in her childhood which between that and growing up in Jackson, Mississippi sparked her novel idea. But here is where her story gets REALLY interesting. Kathryn Stockett is a single mother; being divorced sometimes she needs a little help from her brother’s maid... Ablene Cooper. Weirdly the main maid showcased in The Help is a maid named Aibileen Clark. Once this story was out into the world Kathryn’s brother immediately put two and two together after his old maid contacted him claiming Stockett was using his old maid as a character in his book. The maid put out a $75,000 dollar lawsuit against Stockett that was rejected by a judge.The real life Ablene thought the book was offensive and most definitely about her. Stockett’s brother and his wife agreed; so the family dispute continues today and Kathryn Stockett denies Ablene Cooper is Aibileen Clark in the book. I personally think she thought of the name from the real Ablene but the character is made up. That's my little tidbit on the INCREDIBLE writer Kathryn Stockett. I hope you enjoyed, again I'm sorry I was late.


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