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Here’s What I’ve Been Working On For the Past Four Weeks:)

Hey people! So... I’ve missed four blog posts and I’m going to make it up to you. The title above allows you guys to infer that this blog post has taken me four weeks, but in reality I am just deciding now after I have been so busy with other things that I need to come up with a blog post that makes up for all of the weeks I have missed. Although I hate skipping blog post weeks, I think putting a lot of effort into one post as a result of missing past blog post weeks is something I may do again. This will be the most ULTIMATE blog post ever! Why is this one going to be so special you may ask? Well, first off, it connects to an AMAZING experience I had in real life, it also consists of eight different book bentos in one (the book bentos have been created using Google Drawings since I do not have all of the items I would like to use; in other words the book bentos will be digital) and this blog post will be the last book bento post! You know how I said collections of blog posts on Evailwrites would be at least twenty posts? Well, now that I realize twenty is a very large number, I’m going to cut that down to ten in order to not make you guys exhausted of one topic. So this is the one, the book bento to end all book bentos on Evailwrites. I’m just kidding, I may do a book bento again if I think it would be good for a specific topic or book, but this will most likely be my last collection on Evailwrites on book bentos. This will definitely not be the last collection on Evailwrites though since I would really like for Evailwrites to be a place where people can find a variety information that is also organized which is what collections help me do. On another subject, NaNoWriMo is over! I hope all of you who participated feel accomplished right now. I have to say, this year's NaNoWriMo was definitely my worst. I was extremely busy throughout this month and I really hope next year I can get a lot further in my novel. This was the first year I participated in online groups with people who pushed me to write even though I couldn't start until the very end of November. These acts of kindness made my experience a lot better, so thank you! Unlike my previous novels, my newest manuscript requires background knowledge, so my work for this year’s National Novel Writing Month consisted of researching and planning, but mostly researching. I am striving to be very thoughtful while writing this new manuscript in order to write a longer, more professional book in comparison to adVerse Wishes and Running to Willow. Therefore, this novel will take longer to write but I am looking forward to eventually sharing it with all of you! One last thing before I transition into writing about solely this post though, the last book bento guess who was about my books adVerse Wishes and Running to Willow. Surprise! Now onto my series of book bentos for this post. I mentioned earlier that there will be eight book bentos for this blog post... What else are there eight of? The answer is primary colors, secondary colors and the main neutral colors. I will be creating a book bento for the colors red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, black and white. The book bentos will be made up of things we typically think of when we think of these colors, essentially how each color can be connected to an emotion. This idea was inspired by my trip to The Color Factory. I one hundred and ten percent recommend you travel to this museum. The Color Factory is full of whimsical and beautiful interactive activities (with one in each room) including scrumptious sweets (it took me too long to try to find the right adjectives for that sentence). The Color Factory presents activities that you interpret as you wish (what I mean is there is no written out explanation for the rooms at The Color Factory) with the idea that colors can be symbols for things like emotions (this is what I will be focusing on in the book bentos). To give you an idea of what The Color Factory is like, here is a collage and video from my experience:

Because art pieces (including interactive ones) and book bentos (which are art pieces) being interpreted in many different ways (bringing back different memories and sparking an array of thoughts, ideas and feelings) was a message brought out by the exhibits at The Color Factory, I will not be explaining the book bentos in this post since I would like to allow you guys to explain the “exhibits”, if you will, to yourselves, just like The Color Factory did. So here are the book bentos:

Just a note, the pictures used to make these book bentos were found at the sites Carlisle Theatre, ClipArtBest, ClipartWiki, DeviantArt, Flaticon, FreeIconsPng, FreePNGImg, Free PNG Logos, Giphy, HuntPNG, Hyveephoto.com, Motorcity Metal Designs, My Real Clip Domain, Needpix.com, OnlyGFX.com, Pinterest, Pluspng.com, PNGIMG, Pngkey.com, PNGkey, StickPNG, Transparent PNG, Vexels, WebStockReview and Wikipedia. I hope you liked those book bentos. Let me know what thoughts sprang into your mind when you saw them, I would love to hear. Have a great week! Until the next blog,


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