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How Can You Publicize Your Books?

When trying to publicize my books it was hard for me to know where to start so here is a quick guide of things I learned once I started.

1: I would start on Wattpad, it includes a great writing community where you can see how people like your writing voice. Alternates to Wattpad that I am also on include Royal Road and Story Mirror.

2: Nanowrimo is also a great site for writers. It is less of a social media platform but it still includes amazing tools to help you get writing. I wrote Running to Willow on this site and I definitely recommend it!

3: If you are searching for a place to gain followers and more people to read your books Instagram is one way to go. Although I have noticed more writers are on Twitter, Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach out and display things in ways you can't do on Twitter. Some helping steps to gain followers on this platform is to create a logo (I used Wix for this) as a profile picture and make your feed a variety of colors that are pleasing to look at.

4:Twitter is my favorite out of all of these and the one I joined last. Twitter, by far, has the most writers on it and everyone there is so welcoming and supportive. However, if you were intending to join this social media site in order to gain more followers posting at least once a day is suggested if not necessary in order for you to reach out to writers.

I hope this was helpful!

Picture credits: Concordia University


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