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How I Published As A Teen

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Yes, a fun fact about me is I AM a teenager and an author so, for this blog post, I decided to talk about that. First off, if you want to write a book, no matter how old you are GO FOR IT! For such a long time I held myself back because of my age and I so wish I didn't. Definitely as a start try to enter into some competitions though. These provide good writing exercises and a sense of what it feels like to be published. I also recommend Nanowrimo as a good pre-publishing warm-up. Once you feel prepared in the writing category READ. Find inspiration! Find authors that captivate you and try to find how you could make your book compelling with your own writing voice (but remember to not compare yourself, diversity is a good thing). Once you do that I would reach out to authors you admire. Find someone that is willing to motivate you and keep in touch while you write your books. Then, it leads to publishing from there. The hardest part is getting started:).

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