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How to Come Up With a Novel Idea

Let’s be clear, the hardest part of writing a novel is finding an idea. Pretty obviously a novel is wrapped around its idea but I feel like I have already hinted at the do’s for creating a novel idea in previous posts. I am trying to spice up this blog a little bit more so let’s go for the don’t’s this time.


1. Make a huge clíche. This is one of the worst things you can do to take readers away from your novel. Truthfully there will always be people who are more or less popular than you with readers and if you write a clíche someone in the world honestly probably wrote a VERY similar story but it is better than yours.

2. Try to be another writer. Even if it is another story, don't write it in any other writing voice but yours. It not only makes writing not very enjoyable but it puts you in an uncomfortable situation that leaves your writing to be awkward.

3. Go too out of line. We can all be creative, we can all be different but there is a point where your story is so crazy it is overwhelming.

4. Ignore the plot arch. No matter how much you hate it, the plot arch is important! You can make a novel that is a little weird (in a good way) but don't let your format be all over the place. At least refer to the plot arch at certain points when writing your book.

5. Write about something you are not interested in! Trust me, the worst book is one where you can tell even the author is bored about what they are talking about.

Have a great day!

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