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How to Create Good Character Names

Being a writer, one of my silliest and weirdest challenges is coming up with names for characters. I personally feel that if a name doesn't feel right, the entire story can be impacted... So today I decided to write a quick post on tips for that. What I typically do to come up with a good name is think of ways to describe that certain character. For example, if it is the main villain for the story you might describe this person as evil or merciless. Once you have a good list of words on a piece of paper or typed out on the computer to describe your character I typically then think of a language in the world, at random or by choice. The languages I typically use ranges from Latin to Spanish to French to Irish however you can pick any language you want. Then, the next step to find a good name would be to star the descriptive words you like the best from your list and then translate those on Google Translate. One example of this in my writing is in my book Running to Willow; the name of the country where Faith (the main character) lives in is Quinque in this book which means five in Latin and in Running to Willow the country is split up into five sections. I enjoy doing this method because it not only gives meaning to the names of your characters, but it also provides you with very unique ones too. I hope this was helpful!

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