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How to Get Motivated to Write

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

I personally like to listen to Panic At the Disco to pump me up but you know, we all have our own things...

I know many different people get motivated many different ways but if you are struggling to find your own ways, check this out. Let me know if this helps:

MUSIC! Like I said before music is a mood changer. I LOVE to listen to music even when I write as long as I don't get distracted. I recommend looking up motivational pop music on Spotify or do whatever floats your boat.

VIDEOS! I know this probably sounds weird but sometimes just looking up Nike motivational videos help me and that 10 minute break might also be just what you need!

TAKING A BREAK! Sometimes all you need is yourself to motivate you but you need Netflix first, and that is okay! No writer works 24/7.

WRITING! In order to write your story maybe you need to write down why you are good enough to do this. This kind of therapy can make you realize your inner greatness as a writer.

Again, I hope this helped!


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