• E. Vail

How to Plan A Novel

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

When trying to write a full on chapter book we all have our own styles for planning, one being to write a plot arch. I almost always do this but I rarely follow the format. I often have to make more than one plot arch because there are multiple climaxes in my plan. I recommend this because while doing this you often find other things you want to include in your book. Second, I always take a piece of paper and just write down my idea. In no particular order I bullet point everything I can think of about my book. I also always keep a post-it note pile and pen near my bed when I’m brainstorming a book idea so if I dream up an idea at night I can write it down and not forget it. As far as finding a book idea it helps me to take long showers, watch TV, take naps and travel to some of my favorite places with my favorite people. If you are struggling to find an idea I recommend you carry on with your daily life and let the idea come to you with the help of some brainstorming. I hope this was helpful!


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