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Laughing At My Failures

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

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I really want this blog post to just be honest and straight up. Maybe you guys will see a little bit more of my personality in this post but I am really just trying to reach out and relate with this writing piece. So, today I will be laughing at my failures... Roasting myself? I don’t really know what I am doing but I feel like this will be very different from anything on this blog I have written before. So, I am a teen as the three of you reading this may know (very grateful for you guys by the way) and I am an author. But am I? That’s the thing... I am certified. I’m on Amazon and Barnes and Noble but I am self-published. No publishing company or literary agent seemed to take teens, so I self-published myself. In the end does this count though? No company took me and in the end anyone with a writing piece can self-publish. Any person out there can get on their computer and publish a five page book their child wrote! Although this is awesome at the same time this means I’m not really an author because I failed to find a company that could publish me. My books also aren’t doing so well after being published. Although I love the people who take the time to buy my book (which is free because I feel like no one would read it if I didn’t put it up for Kindle Unlimited) I keep noticing the people who buy my books are people from other countries. I wonder if this is happening because they are starting to learn English and my book is a good easy reader for them to start with...? Now, my social media accounts... Instagram, I’ve got a whopping two hundred and eighteen followers. The pro side is I am two times as grateful for my followers because I have so few. On Twitter I am so, so grateful for three thousand six hundred and seven followers but I gained these followers after I researched on how to gain followers on Twitter and resorted to mass following. This landed me with some messages from drug dealers, scammers and cat fishers which definitely freaked me out (I blocked them and reported them with their messages). For Wattpad I have a depressing nineteen followers and then on this blog I have only one member and my biggest number of views is nineteen. Being straight up with myself my author reputation is nothing, my books aren’t doing well and my social media accounts are failing. Just to let you guys know I am not doing this post to complain about my life (I realize these are all first world problems), I am more just trying to let you guys know my state in achievement right now. I realize all writers go through this phase and I am just trying to update you guys. Let me know if you’re going through this phase right now or you have gone through it before, maybe we could chat about it. I honestly feel good after writing this out. Sometimes if something really stresses you out it is best to laugh it off a bit before dealing with it; this was my laugh. Thank you for getting through another blog post with me! Don’t feel pressured to join this blog or like this post after reading this but it definitely helps! Until next time.


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