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Missing: A Private Novel by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox.. Into a Book Bento?

Hey guys! I know it's Monday... I'm really sorry I'm late again. Now that summer is over things are picking up for me fast schedule-wise so I may be late more often (I know I'm saying this after I talked about never being late again a few posts ago... Again, I'm really sorry). The thing I can promise you guys is the latest I will post is Monday and I swear for as long as this blog lasts (which is most likely for as long as I will live) I will AT LEAST post once a week. I kind of knew when I was typing about me always posting no later than Sunday that it wasn't going to last after summer ended. What I can say is these promises are legit and I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to post no later than Monday (and if I can Sunday). I'm hearing myself yell this while I'm typing this and it's not pretty. Let me know if you hear what you are reading too. So, this was the week. You were going to find out what the first Evailwrites (sorry if I change up how I spell the name of my blog, sometimes I want it in all caps, others all lowercase and I never know if I should capitalize it (this is probably the spelling I’m going to stick with from now on)) blog post collection was going to be. But then I learned what a book bento was. First thing you need to do right now is look them up on Instagram or the internet: @bookbento. Isn't that just amazing?! Beautiful pictures of books and items that symbolize them scattered in an artistic matter around them! After I found out what book bentos were I was obsessed with them. So I would like to enter this “fashionably late” into our collection competition. You are definitely going to see more of the book bentos because I have already created one more outside of this one for fun that I named a “book nook”. It’s called this because for this certain book I needed more space than what the book bento name provided (I used my closet for this). If the book bento/book nook collection (name to-be-determined if this collection wins with help of my Instagram and now Facebook (unfortunately I cannot add anymore links in the upper right corner but my Instagram is linked to my Facebook) followers, follow me if you like Evailwrites:)) doesn’t win than I will definitely post about my latest book nook as an extra blog post. You will also 110% see more of book bentos and book nooks on my social media pages (including this one on Missing: A Private Novel), links above! This is SUCH a fun hobby guys, I definitely recommend you try it. Book nooking (I guess that's right... I'm using so many parentheses and ellipses in this blog post so I apologize for that) is also really calming so that's a pro! This book bento is on Missing: A Private Novel by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox (you may have seen this book on my social media pages before because it is so good). I'm just going to warn you before you read there ARE spoilers but they come with background info. Here it is:

For my book bento on the thriller Missing: A Private Novel by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox I used several items to symbolize craft moves, important moments and characters in the story. The first two items you can see crossed over each other in an x under Goodnight Moon; they are pregnancy tests. These two items add to this picture because they symbolize one of the two criminal cases the secret agency, Private has to deal with in this book. This crime case is when one broke divorcee named Sigrid Hall steals the identity of Louise Simpson and uses fake still-pregnancy scannings from her last job to get money as a “surrogate”. I put surrogate in quotations because, in short, she makes people who are unable to have children think their baby died when Sigrid was never able to be pregnant in the first place. The consequences of Ms. Hall’s actions end fatally when she gets the real Louise Simpson killed and a random baby kidnapped. The second two items you can find under the binoculars and above the actual book. The handicapped sign and scissors represent the main setback of a client of Private’s Eliza Moss who reported the second main case in this book. The second main case is when CEO of nonprofit Contigo Valley’s (Eliza’s dad) Eric Moss disappears after a minor discrepancy with the company’s money. Eliza’s main setback is her being handicapped. Although this is never thoroughly explained, it is said that she has a rare disease where her breathing slowly gets weaker and weaker. She ends up conquering this setback though when officials start coming after her about the Eric Moss case. For example, Eliza uses some scissors in her purse to slice an official trying to kidnap her’s leg. Eliza’s disease becomes a very important thing when the main character and Private agent, Craig Gisto, begins to fall in love with her… Which leads me to the next object in the picture, the coconut shampoo and conditioner, which are to the right of the handicapped sign and scissors. As descriptions in the text start to imply Craig likes Eliza, Craig starts noticing more specific details about Eliza than her “zest for life” like the smell of her hair… Coconuts. 

The next item is the reason why officials were trying to kidnap Eliza for interrogation. To the right of the sunglasses and on top of the book lies a USB which was owned by Eric in the book. In the book this particular USB held a code that was “to change the face of warfare”. The wedding rings on the bottom-left of the picture represent the main character, Craig Gisto, being a widower and losing a child from a car accident. This is a setback for him because it makes him give away too much information to his clients when they hit this soft spot of his. The worn down baby book in the top-left corner labeled Goodnight Moon is to represent what people will do for babies (as demonstrated in the book). People were killed, babies kidnapped and people scarred all for one baby. Next up is the bloody knife in the center of the bottom of the photo. This item is representing the murder of Louise Simpson and how detective agency, Private, figured out she was linked to the case involving the surrogate. Private figured out she was involved in the surrogate case because she was stabbed in the uterus. The next item is the two baby guns (one on Missing and the other on Goodnight Moon). These items represent the constant intensity and action-packed theme throughout this book. They also represent the again and again of guns to the head symbolizing danger and threats. The big camera at the top symbolizes a complication on the side of the two main cases in Missing: A Private Novel  of a news station and newspaper called the Sydney Post adding spyware (this is a software that is used to spy on people) to Collette’s (a staff member from Private’s) phone in order to get news on the two juicy cases that the public want to hear about. Second-to-last is the sunglasses on top of the book. These represent Eric Moss being wiped off of the internet by officials who didn't want any information they shared with Moss through his company to go public. All pictures found online of him were with sunglasses. Finally, the last object is the binoculars on the top-right to represent the agency Private as a whole with their spying, seeking, finding, aiding, questioning and overall stealth.

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