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Running to Willow and adVerse Wishes... As Movies?!

Holla! Since I missed y'all last week I have a surprise that is out of the ordinary for this week's blog post. This blog post will be longer and a preview of what potentially could be the next Evailwrites collection. I will be writing out who I would cast as my characters if Running to Willow and adVerse Wishes were movies, where I would film and why. Firstly, I would film Running to Willow in Denver, Colorado since Denver is a very beautiful city which works for my description of the mountains and nature in the wealthy area of Melior. A mansion in Newport, Rhode Island would then serve as Dictator Pollock’s mansion since Newport is famous for their mansions (I've been there before and they are AMAZING). Erin Darke as a kid would be perfect for Faith. Her looks fit Faith great except it would probably be better if she got a tan to play the part. Erin Darke is an incredible actress and her playing Faith would be legendary. Then a younger Donald Sutherland would need to be Dictator Pollock. Playing President Snow in The Hunger Games, I can't imagine anyone else playing this cold character. Julia Roberts who seems to play the mom in every movie I watch would need to play Faith’s mom since she crushes her role every time. Skai Jackson would do awesome as Willow with her sass and ability to play roles similar to Willow’s (as I now remember from recalling Jesse). Octavia Spencer would then play Willow’s mom since she has so much confidence when playing her roles in movies. I fell in love with her after I watched both Hidden Figures and The Help. For adVerse Wishes, I think the best filming area would be in London but only in the summer since the setting in the book is South Carolina. The signature landmarks of London wouldn't be shown though since the only reason this filming area would be chosen would be out of convenience; Rose’s house (where most of the book takes place) would be Harry Potter’s 12 Grimmauld Place because the house is old, rundown and filled with random objects, exactly how I describe Rose’s house to be. Marylyn’s house would simply be one of the most expensive houses in London. Rose would be played by Saoirse Ronan with a black wig on because she is everything I imagine Rose to be. Her beauty and ability to play childish roles as well as make them genuine makes her the perfect candidate to play Rose. She is by far my favorite actress in Little Women... It deserved a Golden Globe for more than costumes! Steve Carell and Toni Collette from The Way Way Back would then play the best negligent parents for Rose since you quickly hate them in The Way Way Back. Amanda Seyfried I feel like could pull off Marylyn. Playing Karen in Mean Girls, I have faith she could figure out a way to do a more serious character, Marylyn. Her actions in Mean Girls make me imagine her as Marylyn somehow... I guess I'd have to see her casting tape (haha). Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne could play the parents of Marylyn. This role is very limited, however, since both of them look like movie stars and played a great pair of parents in Instant Family, I think they could easily pull off this role. That's it for me planning for adVerse Wishes and Running to Willow if they were to become movies. Thanks for reading!


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