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So I Tried a Vlog Blog

Hi guys! Wow, it's been a while... Too long. I am on a plane right now, returning from my trip which was really, really great. I do these trips every year for a few weeks and they are always so eye opening. I travel to a remote area in the mountains with a group without electronics where we participate in team building exercises. No matter what I always come back from that place feeling so care free and ready for life. Sorry about my little tangent, my point is I'm back, feeling great and grateful and ready to write. I just feel motivated in general and full of a lot more ideas. So this blog thing, the thing I've kind of been failing at, I'm going to try to get better at. Over the next couple of blogs I’ll be trying different templates of blogs while using my same writing voice. Whatever blog template gets the most views and likes I will use the most frequently. Once I settle on a template I may mix it up from time to time or maybe try this one more time and change my template completely again on request. All I'm saying is whatever template “wins” is only temporarily permanent and you guys can message me anytime if you think a change should be made or I should switch it up more often/all the time like I have been doing. So, this counts as my first blog post for the template-blog thingamajig and I feel like it’s more of a vlog blog if that makes sense. I can imagine myself saying this on camera because I am writing about what I am doing right this minute and what’s running through my head. The thing I kind of like about this type of blog is you get to know me better and see more of my personality through this type of writing. Let me know if you like this type of blog by liking this post and viewing it (wow I sound like a Youtuber). One last thing, in order to engage more readers I’m going to try to make more dramatic and interesting titles. I would normally call this blog post “Why I’m Trying to Change my Blog for the Better” but I’m going to have the title be “So I Tried a Vlog Blog” instead (as you probably already figured out unless you are one of those people who don’t read titles, how do you do it?). Yeah, so that’s it. Is it weird that when I write these “blog vlogs” I feel like I’m talking to myself? Okay, before I really start talking to myself I’m going to stop writing. You guys are the best!


Picture credits: Fandomlife.net


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