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I struggled to gain publicity on social media apps like Instagram, Wattpad and Twitter when starting out with my writing accounts and I admit I am still struggling with that now on sites including my blog (my username anywhere is @evailwrites, find my links in the top right corner of this page). Sorry for the self-promo but it would be really helpful if you could like this post, follow me on social media, follow this blog, receive notifications from this blog and let others know about this blog. But, for the social media struggles I found some tips that have really helped.

In general (some of these are specific to certain platforms):

-Update on your progress in your novel, blog, etc.

-Use hashtags that are relevant.

-Post daily!

-Relate your posts to your daily life.

-Include pictures.

-Connect with other writers, I recommend asking to join the #WritingCommunity; I am a member.

-Give shoutouts to awesome accounts.

-Constantly retweet and comment/like.

-Use gifs.

-Use emojis.

-Be active!

-Connect your other social media platforms.

-Captivate all audiences with references.

-Make an aesthetically pleasing feed.

-Keep a general color scheme.

-Know your general audience.

-Enter contests/competitions.

-Follow people who interest you.

-Try to keep your followers and the people you follow close to equal.

-Share your interests!

-Show some personality!

-Pull people in with a good bio and profile picture.

I hope this helps anyone who is going through the same challenges as I am! Until the next blog!

Picture credits: Econsultancy


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