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Tips For Editing

If you are struggling to edit as a writer without an editor or you are struggling to finalize touches on your book here are some tips that I learned as I went through frustration while editing (the frustration is why I chose to blog about this today):

1. Repetition can be a huge flaw found throughout drafts of writing and sometimes the author can find that because they read their book so many times already they have become immune to these repetitions. A tip for this is to control f for words you typically use in writing. For example, say you describe one character as beautiful over and over and over again, do control f, google Thesaurus and put in synonyms for that word.

2. No this is not sponsored, but for grammar issues I HIGHLY recommend Grammarly. Grammarly helped me so, so much when publishing my books and although premium does cost money the standard version also works really well. If you want a cheat for this to get premium for free, put in all of your credit card information for a free trial for premium, edit all in one night and then cancel the trial so it does not cost anything.

3.This will be my last tip for this blog but I might do multiple parts for this... This is a tip that is really hard and really aggravating to do; however, most writers have to do this at some point to publish their books. I am talking about taking out huge chunks of your plot line and rewriting them. You would repeat this until you are sure you are satisfied. Although this can be hard, I guarantee you if you persist this will lead to success. After all, this is why publishing a book takes so long. Till the next blog...

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