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What Are My Books About?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

So I know I have referenced my books before (links to them in the top right corner of my site), but I don't think I have really explained what they are about. Here is the run through:

adVerse Wishes

Pages= 76

Illustrated by H. Fiarman and P. Pretty

This novel is fiction, fantasy.

“-all the underpinning of a good novel and very rare to see in a writer so young.”

-Author Howard Greenwald

“...idea is amazing, and I am really rooting for Rose throughout the story.”

-Author Lorien Hallama

Rose Smith, living in a poor world struggles to get over her grandpa’s suspicious death in South Carolina but soon finds it was a murder…by a piano! Strong willed, Rose displays her determination to avenge her grandpa’s death by fighting the piano but at the same time she has another battle to face being the new girl. Rose happened to move into her grandpa’s house from Ohio after he died and with her old apartment she left all of her friends. With two negligent parents, Rose lacks in social interaction until she becomes best friends with a wealthy girl named Marylyn whom she meets at her new school. After breaking the traumatic news about the instrument in her grandpa’s old house Marylyn and Rose fight the piano with all the power they have.

Running to Willow

Pages= 49

Illustrated by H. Fiarman and P. Pretty

It is a dystopian, fiction novel.

“A very successful author...resourceful, imaginative, dedicated, and obviously relentless, which I greatly admire.”

-Author Howard Greenwald

“...I can’t wait to read!”

-Author Lorien Hallama

In a country called Quinque a plague breaks out leaving millions traumatized by death. With five states broken up in the country, one being wealthy few got medicine. Taking advantage of the country’s weakness a government man named Robert Pollock takes over as dictator. Handing out medicine while serving out unjust laws Dictator Pollock becomes more and more of an alcoholic as his daughter discovers the jail in which her dad leaves those who disobey his rules. Seeing what horrible conditions they are suffering in Robert Pollock’s daughter, Faith starts to feed the prisoners illegally.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog!

-E. Vail


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