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Who Inspired Me to Become an Author

Hi again! This is going to be more of a story time post about me and how I wrote two novellas. As we have discussed many times before, motivation is key with writing a book and I got my motivation from many things including my friends and family... Specifically two special people, Lorien Hallama and Howard Greenwald. I'll start with Mrs. Hallama.

I met Mrs. Hallama first when she was my language arts teacher. First impressions she was goofy, kind and loved her job so I immediately was really excited for her class with L.A. being my favorite subject. We had an assignment where we wrote about ourselves so Mrs. Hallama could get to know us better. I wrote about my love for writing and how I wanted to publish as a teen. After she received my essay she talked to me about publishing. I quickly found out about her connections with other authors, her literary agent and her own writing career. She let me Facetime other authors, get information from her literary agent and she edited my books herself. I still see her and she still influences me and helps me to this day. Plus, through all of this she wrote two books too! They are much, much longer than mine and they were published by a publisher. They are coming out on Halloween in 2020.

Now, Howard Greenwald. I met Mr. Greenwald because my dad grew up with his son. We initially connected because of a family friend’s get together at Mr. Howard’s house. I sat next to him and small talk began with what I was interested in. I answered writing and his eyes lit up. He explained he was published multiple times and still writing to this day. I filled him in on the two novels Mrs. Hallama was helping me with and he insisted on reading and reviewing them. We exchanged emails and he changed my novels for the better.

Both of these people I couldn't have published without. I hope I can be someone’s Mr. Howard or Mrs. Hallama in the future.

-E. Vail

P.S. I'm not even sure if P.S. is a thing in blogs but I'm doing it today. I will sadly be unable to post a blog for at least two weeks for I'm going on a trip where I will not be able to access any electronics. Please be patient though and stick with me through this. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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