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Why No Author Is Perfect

Okay, you can probably already infer from the title of this blog what the gist of this whole post is going to be. Ideally, as I'm sure all of the people reading this know from clichés, no one is perfect... Especially authors. For a good amount of time I tried to make my writing something that is impossible, perfect. This landed me with close to no words typed and me getting in my head. Your writing will never be perfect; no one’s writing will ever be perfect. It is better to push that out of the way so you can actually get some words on the computer. In conclusion (as the title says) no author is perfect and here is why.

1). Grammatical errors

Have you ever read some incredibly famous bestseller and opened the first page to find a typo? Have you ever read a highly recommended book and found even though it went through so many drafts and editors you can point out mistakes? There are typos even in the best of novels which is why your writing idol isn't even perfect!

2). What even is perfect?

The idea of perfection is different for everyone so even if you were given a chance to be “perfect” what is perfect to you may be messy in someone else’s eyes.

3). We all like different books

Similar to reason number two your “perfect” book may be a terrible one when read by someone with completely different taste. Trying to satisfy everyone is IMPOSSIBLE so it is better not to try.

Like this post if you can. I’ll be back with another blog as soon as possible.


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