• E. Vail

Our Pandemic World

Hey again! I have done some reflecting recently (as I'm sure we all have in this isolated time) and although I love writing no matter the shape or form, I don't feel like I am writing what makes me happiest and that is what is most important to me. I could definitely come back to writing like how I have been at some point if I feel that would be best, but at least for right now, I am going to start writing whatever I feel like. I recently realized that I have been writing my blog how I imagine regular author blogs to be. I have been restricting myself to have everything revolve around writing in some way with me barely sharing my thoughts and opinions which, look backing at it, can be pretty bland because that’s not my life. This blog is for me although I appreciate the people who read it, I would like to start blogging more freely so I enjoy it more. I will now be sharing my opinions which will go in the Evailwrites category, ‘My Thoughts’. I know it’s crazy that it almost took a year of me writing on this blog to figure this out, but I think I am the best writer I can be when I enjoy it most which is when I write without limits. Just making you guys aware, this is going to be even more of a journey than it already has been, especially because this first blog post after my ‘blog awakening‘ is getting political. Lately I feel like I have been living in a movie. Just two months ago the Coronavirus was such a distant thing. But I was still warned because of the way it was spreading. Just seven weeks ago Purell was still in our stores. But I was still warned because people kept traveling. Just six weeks ago Italy wasn’t struggling. But I was still warned because China was. Just five weeks ago I didn’t have to wear gloves. But I was still warned because it crept closer. Just four weeks ago I could sit next to my friend. But I was still warned because parents were worried. Just three weeks ago I was told we took the proper precautions. But I was still warned because the grocery stores were bustling. Just two weeks ago my school was about to shut down. But I was still warned that we weren’t out of the woods. Just one week ago it began to set in. And I warned myself for what was to come. Life is a lot right now. So much of what we love has been taken away but yet again we still have so much. After being consistently upset with Corona for a straight five days, I decided to focus on the things I love that weren’t taken away: family, writing, reading, dogs, school (online)... I hate to say it, but this most likely isn’t going to end soon, so it’s best to make the most of it (anyone who needs a good book right now can checkout my Instagram where I post daily book recommendations). Before I say this next part, I send my heart to everyone hurting as a result of the Coronavirus right now. Through all of the negatives, what are the positives? I know we all hate it but this reality check will make us be much less likely to take each other for granted. I know we all like to say we are grateful but can we truly be grateful if we don’t know how difficult life is without each other? This virus that is said to be tearing our world apart could bring us together. Especially in the areas of the world with the highest death rates, the highest number of infected and the lowest recovery rates, I have heard so many stories of communities coming together while staying six feet apart. With global warming going down as a result of this pandemic, I have faith that our world will take better care of our Earth when we get through this too especially because more fresh air is something a lot of us are missing at the moment. On another note, I realize a lot of negatives come with the Coronavirus too, specifically for individuals. For those who need school for food, as a sanctuary, as an escape... I have faith you will get through this. If you do not feel safe where you are quarantined at the moment, call 1-800-799-7233. Another thing, COVD-19 has also given us the opportunity to help others in worse situations than ourselves. If you are going to the grocery store, ask others if you can help them out too, especially those at high risk. So many people have helped but so many people also haven’t. We can’t be selfish during this time. Infected or not, we are all on the same Earth going through the same pandemic now and we are all better off together.

Stay healthy!



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