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Yep, there is Such Thing as an Actual, Edible, Book Bento!

Hey guys! Another week has come around so it is time for another blog post! So, especially for this collection, in order to have a good idea to write about research has to be done. This week while I was trying to find a good book bento I found something completely out of the ordinary. An actual book bento! I'm talking a Harry Potter themed bento box with sushi in it! I know I am getting way too excited over this but when I first saw this HP bento box I thought it was super cool and also an awesome, yummy meal. I'm even thinking that if I find other book inspired bento boxes I may write about them for this collection too because these types of posts do fit the collection description. Now onto talking about the incredible bento box/book bento you can see in the image below (writing this is already making me so hungry and want the HP bento box so bad):

~In order to DIY this edible book bento you will have to follow these instructions:

~Buy iceberg lettuce and lay it at the bottom of any box (it is better if it is an actual bento box).

~Buy a large carrot and using a knife or very small cookie cutters cut the carrot into stars or circles then scatter these over the lettuce

~Lay out baby corn, grapes, broccoli and plain sushi/sushimi (you can add dumplings if you want)

~Using rice, seaweed and food coloring you can create your own edible Harry Potter head, spell books, cauldron, sushi golden snitch and more

~Lastly, by attaching a carrot to half a sphere of brown, dyed, compact rice and some pretzel sticks to the other end of the semi sphere you can create a broom

I realize this blog post was one of the weirder ones but I enjoyed making it, so I hope you enjoyed reading it. As I said before, I may do this again, so let me know if you liked the idea of this post.

~E. Vail

Picture creds: Pinterest

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